Simply put, we sell the best concrete post extenders in the world.

Welcome To Easy Fence Ltd

EASY FENCE Ltd manufacture & market this award winning product for raising the height of a fence without having to remove the concrete post. Fitted in minutes to complete a solid, beautiful fence. Any fence panel, trellis or plastic fencing can be used. Privacy, security and quality are guaranteed.


The Easypost is a colour coated steel sleeve that slides onto a H-shaped concrete post, this will enable you to extend for example a 3 feet concrete post to 6 feet in minutes without the need for any digging or removing the concrete post or gravel board. No fuss, no disturbing pathways, driveways or garden boundaries. Only the finest steel is used which will last decades against the Great British weather. Brown, Goosewing Grey, Graphite Grey and Black extending any height up to 8 feet.


All Weather Fitting

Protected and weather enhanced materials ensures long lasting effective posts.


Choice of Colours

A range of professionally chosen colours to suit any garden or surrounding.


No Maintenance

Fully self sufficient, just slide your Easy Fence posts on and you’re done.


No Mess

There is nothing to clean up, nothing to remove, no mess at all.


EASY FENCE is manufactured in the UK

Change the height of your fence with zero fuss!

It’s Easy to install the Easy Fence System…

1. Lift out your Fence panels.
2. Slide in the taller Fence Panels.
3. Slide on the Easy Post sleeves to the floor, 2 for each side
4. Slide up the larger outer sleeve, attach the finishing Cap.
5. Drill a hole through the hole in the cap, into the outer sleeve, fit a screw, repeat other side, easy, job done.

Before Installation

After Installation