Q1: 2 of my existing posts are damaged cracked and chipped on edges, can i still use the easypost?

A1: Yes, it will simply slide over the existing concrete post and give it additional strength, to make it very solid.

Q2: Can we use any fence panel as we would like to use waney panels?

A2: yes, you can use waney panels, in fact, there isn’t a panel we have come across that wont fit, we always recommend you check with your local stockist regarding sizes of panels

Q3:We run a football club and need to raise the height of the boundary which is currently 3'0" to 5'0", we know the posts will fit, but can they be made in blue, to match our corperate colours?

A3: yes, blue can be ordered, contact your local stockist for availability and delivery times.

Q4: If I order 20 Easyposts & 2 end posts, do I get a discount?

A4: No, not 20, not 30, not 100, we are not selling at retail prices, we are not selling at trade prices, WE ARE SELLING AT MANUFACTURERS PRICES a product that will out last most cars.

Q5: If I give you my mobile number will the courier text me a delivery time slot?

A5: yes

Q6: Can you make a longer size than 8 feet?

A6: yes, this is possible, but due to widths of steel available, this will come at a premium price and delivery will be weeks.

Q7: What if there is a damaged post when I receive my parcel?

A7: Please contact us within 2 days whereby replacements will be sent free of charge.

Q8: What if they don't fit my posts?

A8: Our posts are a universal fit, in 12 years we have had less than a dozen that didn’t fit out of 10’s of thousands of pieces. In this case, we collect what’s been sent and make ones that fit, sent out free as soon as ready.

Q9: Can I return any over?

A9: yes, but we’d recommend ordering correctly as although we offer free delivery, items ordered wrong would have to be delivered back to us by your own courier.

Q10: How long will they last?

A10: The protected steel we use is of the finest quality steel made for the most extreme elements on the planet, it carries a 40 years outdoor lifetime, also the Greenest steel on the planet.

Q11: Do you supply to Ireland and are there any stockists?

A11: yes, we’ve sent many to Ireland, the same price as our website prices for the posts, once we receive your address, we’ll forward a delivery price or arrange your own courier, what we pay is what we’d charge you. No stockists as we only sell direct cutting out the middle man.

Q12: Can I collect, I live in Manchester?

A12: Yes certainly, we’re based in Cleveleys just next door to Blackpool in sunny Lancashire.

Q13: I'm buying the new plastic fencing, will they fit?

A13: Yes perfectly, we’ve found that they are a snug fit anyway with most concrete posts but yes, they’ll be a snug fit.

Q14: Could I buy the one-sided covers and split them to do my driveway, I want it to 4 feet?

A14: Yes, in that case you’d split them to give you a sleeve for each side and we send you a different attachment cap.

Q15: Can you make them in one length?

A15: Yes, but due to the widths of steel available, the price would practically double as it’s far more labour intensive task then turning it into a 4 man job at the manufacturing stage as opposed to one.

Q16: Will they fit into my car?

A16: Yes, they’re telescopic and can be extended once they’re in situ.

Q17: Can I have different coloured caps, do you have green?

A17: Yes, no problem, we have green in at the moment.

Q18: Will they fit my posts?

A18: They’ll fit any H-Shaped post with a width of less that 118mm, other sizes please contact.

Q18: Why don't you get these into B&Q?

A18: We did supply a large chain several years ago, we won’t name them, not B&Q I will add, they completely sold out of our Easyposts in less than a week, hard to believe but a fact, wow, we’ve done it we thought, that was the easy part, then trying to get paid, that was the hard part, 11 months of persistence to get paid – we never supplied them again.

Q19: Do you have stockists in London?

A19: No not currently, sorry, the only place currently to buy the Easypost is from us online, from our website or eBay shop. We do supply supply nationally using signed courier. Stockists are welcome to get in touch.

Q20: Hello there again, been a while, we've scratched one of our posts, any suggestions?

A20: Yes no problem, the integrity of the steel will be fine as it’s fully protected in the manufacturing stage but to simply cosmetically cover the scratch, a paint – pen the exact same colour to match is about £3.00 – £5.00 from eBay or contact us.

Q21: Going to paint my garage door to match our new posts, what RAL number do I get please?

A21: RAL colour reference numbers: Vandyke Brown RAL8014 Goosewing Grey RAL7038 Graphite Grey RAL7016 Black RAL9011

Q22: We're thinking of getting the metal fence panels we've seen advertised, your posts look like they'll match?

A22: Yes they’re a perfect match, folk have used them many times to co-ordinate the colour to extend their fence using the steel fence panels, they do look excellent fitted together.

Q23: Can your posts be painted?

A23: There’ll be no need to for 40 years but yes, if you fancy a change of colour, easily painted.

Q24: We're doing a red themed garden, what colour would you recommend please?

A24: We do Red, I’ll forward a colour chart but to warn you, delivery will be about 8 weeks approximately.

Q25: What paint would you recommend to paint an odd post I have to match the brown Easyposts I've fitted?

A25: We couldn’t recommend any paint I’m afraid, concrete posts aren’t designed to be painted but remain porous, the reason is they need to breathe due the steel reinforcement bars inside the concrete post, once painted, they start to rust then they crack and split the concrete post, this is why we sell an awful lot of one-sided covers to save the concrete post having to be dug out & replaced.

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