Fitting Instructions

Easy-Fence fitting instructions

Fitting Easyposts, end posts, corner posts & 3-way posts

  • We always advise wearing suitable footwear, protective gloves and goggles when fitting the Easy-Post fencing system simply as a safety measure.
  • Slide out your existing fence panel and slide in and fit your new fence panel.
  • Slide the 4 Easy Post sleeves over your existing concrete posts, 2 onto both sides, one at a time or together, to the bottom, past any concrete gravel board that may be fitted.
  • Slide up the larger outer sleeve of the Easy-Post to the required height on one side.
  • Attach the finishing cap, drill a hole through the pilot hole in the cap through into the larger outer top sleeve. fix using screws provided through the cap & fasten, repeat the other side, when the cap is fitted, leave to slide down & sit on the top of the fence panel. Finished


Fitting one-sided covers

For customers who kindly purchased a One-sided cover, fit your new fence panel, slide the 2 steel sleeves over your existing concrete post, then slide up to the top the outer larger sleeve, drill a hole into the outer sleeve through the 2 pilot holes in the cap & fix cap with 2 screws.



You’ll require Screwdriver, drill, 1mm 2mm or 3mm drill bit

Occasionally, the gravel board fitted is a very snug fit, if it is very tight and slightly obstructing the Easy-Post sleeve from easily sliding to the bottom, even though it will seem very fixed, there is always flexibility, it slid in don’t forget, it may just need a good tap with a rubber mallet for example, not a hammer, it is concrete and may crack if any cement is fitted in with it, simply chip it away.

If on fitting the Easy-Post on a concrete post that is fitted very tight against a house wall or garage, for example, say an end post, although it will seem very solid and fixed, set in concrete, they are in turn sat in the soil, they can be prised away usually with ease from the wall using a crowbar allowing the sleeve to slide past to the bottom.

When fitting the cap, it may be easier to lay the larger outer sleeve on a flat surface, attach the cap then drill through the pilot hole in the cap into and through the outer sleeve.


Hoping to make your experience with us from start to finish as Easy as possible.


Please do not hesitate to contact us were we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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