Easyfence is a name you can trust for reliability, quality and service.

Associated with Montgomerie House builders, a trusted name for 50 years in the building sector, now dedicating all our time to market and sell this unique, award winning Easypost system to transform houses and gardens across the land.


Our posts solve the problem of raising the height of a fence without the need to dig out the old concrete post, only to replace it with a new concrete post, saving time and money to leave a stunning fence.


It wasn’t an easy problem to solve, people have been trying to solve this problem for decades, but we did it!


Much time & research went into the development of the now finished Easypost system.


Choosing the right steel, solving any obstacle that may arise, making the fitting easy and our products user friendly, we wanted it perfect as we fully appreciate that it’s your home and it’s got to last and look fantastic.


With an award under our belt, all patent protections in place, stock shelves full, literally thousands of messages from satisfied & grateful customers telling us Wow! we can’t believe it, we know we’ve got it right.


This is why we can comfortably offer a money back guarantee if not 100% delighted

So what are you waiting for?

What is an Easypost?

Our Easypost is made to fit over an existing H-Shaped intermediate concrete post fitted in a garden, the type you would drop a fence panel into.


The Easypost is telescopic, dependant on which size you buy, it will extend from any size from 1m up to 2.4m and above if required. This makes covering or wishing to raise the height of your fence a relatively simple DIY job. What’s the benefit of using the Easypost system you ask?


If your garden is sloping or your neighbours garden is on a different level, because it’s telescopic and adjustable, there’s no cutting required, eliminating any problem that may be encountered.


You can have the most basic or expensive fence panels or plastic fencing, but you’re still staring at grey, dull, tired looking concrete posts! Not any more!


You have found the Holy Grail in fencing, an answer to your prayers, save money, save time, no digging, read that again, no digging, no disruption, no skip, no labour to pay, no sand & cement,  no new concrete posts to buy.



Why buy the Easypost?

A comparison would be if you had 6 x 3 feet concrete posts in your garden and wanted to raise the height of your fence to 6 feet for more privacy & security, it’s buy 6 x new concrete posts, hire a builder, sand, cement, possible skip, waiting for them to turn up, waiting for the posts to set, wait for them to come back and finish, that will set you back about £1000 and take 2-3 days, if all goes well, good luck


Using the Easypost system, it would cost you £240, complete & fitted in less than an hour, looks fantastic and will look brand new with no maintenance required for decades, that’s why.


Here at Easyfence, our goal is to transform gardens across the country, covering unsightly concrete posts of which there are 800 million fitted in England alone! Plus Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland etc etc.

Transform your garden today, it’s Easy, with Easy Fence!